The products I'm asked about most often are Aftershokz and AirPods. Our reviewers, including myself, have tried several pairs of Aftershokz, and I find the faint buzzing in my skull to be deeply unpleasant. Other reviewers concurred, with verdicts ranging from "I'd rather just not wear headphones" to "I just don't get it." And while many people like exercising with AirPods, we rejected these as well, because they have an inflexible fit and their sound is mediocre. We also reviewed other pairs of buds, like the Tivoli Go Fonico, which look great, sound great, and fit well. They didn't quite make the cut for this roundup due to their poor battery life, glitchy Bluetooth, and puzzling controls.
The 65t also match many of the best features we’ve seen from other fully wireless models. Jabra’s Sound+ app lets you adjust settings like equalization, as well as use either your phone’s built-in smart assistant (Siri on iOS, Google Assistant on Android) or Amazon Alexa to respond to queries. Sensors built into the headphones can be set to play and pause music when you remove the buds, and the Elite 65t can even pipe in different levels of ambient sound, which isgreat for hearing cars on the road when you’re out on your job, or announcements on the train or at the airport while you travel.
Choosing the right headphones makes it possible for you to hear your music the way the artist who made it intended, with all the nuances from the right bass and treble levels so you can hear every drum beat and guitar strum. Not all headphones are ideal for everybody and are a matter of personal taste, comfort and style. Find the ideal pair of headphones to use with your mobile device, stereo or computer, available at our Every Day Low Prices, and get your groove on.